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The courses of the National Competence Centre for HPC are designed to reflect the requirements of our users. We are planning our future training programme, and your feedback is crucial to us.

Developing a new training program that will advance your knowledge and skills in the fast-growing field of high-performance computing is impossible without your help.

We would like to ask you to complete this survey. It will take you approx. 10 minutes.

Also, we encourage you to distribute the questionnaire to communities interested in quality training in the areas of high-performance computing (HPC), high-performance data analysis (HPDA), artificial intelligence (AI), and quantum computing (QC).

Thank you in advance for taking the time to take the survey.

We look forward to hearing your perspective, opinions and comments.

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Quantum Computing Seminar Series

Quantum Computing Seminar Series

With the support of the National Competence Centre for HPC Czech Republic, IT4Innovation’s Quantum Computing Laboratory with the Education and Training Team has prepared a series of five advanced quantum computing seminars.

Lecturers will guide participants through the theoretical foundations of quantum computing and its practical implementation.

Time & Topic Overview:

15 February 2024 I Seminar No. 1: Discrimination of Quantum Operators I HYBRID

11 April 2024 I Seminar No. 2: Quantum Chemistry on NISQ Quantum Computers I HYBRID

13 June 2024 I Seminar No. 3: Solving Optimisation Problems Using The NISQ Era Quantum Computers I HYBRID

12 September 2024 I Seminar No. 4: Topic to be announced I HYBRID

14 November 2024 I Seminar No. 5: Topic to be announced I HYBRID

Feel free to share this Quantum Computing Seminar Series with your community.

And do not hesitate to contact us at training@it4i.cz for more information.

We look forward to seeing you on the attendance list.

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Unique_summit_ostrava_ncc_czechia (5)

National Competence Centre at the Unique Summit Ostrava

At this year’s Unique Summitu in Ostrava, more than 500 Czech and European startups had an excellent opportunity to learn more about how the National Competence Centre (NCC) can facilitate their access to supercomputing technologies at the “Supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence for Startups” workshop.

The workshop was conducted by colleagues from IT4Innovations – Tomáš Karásek from the NCC, Martin Duda from the EDIH, and Jan Martinovič from ADAS. They talked not only about our services but also about successfully implemented real-life collaborations, thanks to which we managed to introduce companies to the possibilities of using supercomputers.

Thanks to our know-how, we can move those interested in high-performance computing in the right direction. For less experienced but also professional users of supercomputers, we offer services that allow them to access interesting projects, challenges, data, and hardware.

Should you be interested in what benefits supercomputers can bring to your project or company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This year, it was the 4th edition of the international Unique Summit event. It took place from 22 to 24 November in the premises of the Lower Vítkovice area and the City Campus of the University of Ostrava in cooperation with the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre (MSIC). The event aims to create a unique platform for startups, investors, and policymakers to accelerate innovation, drive economic growth, and shape the future.


The National Competence Centre in HPC to be presented at the ANSYS Conference

The ANSYS Conference, a meeting of the ANSYS numerical simulation tool users from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, takes place on 25-27 October (OREA Congress Hotel, Brno, Czech Republic). Well, all indications are that it is going to be an exciting event, and the National Competence Centre in HPC (NCC) will also be there.

Will you take part? Do not miss the NCC booth. Tomáš Karásek, the Czech NCC coordinator, will introduce the services of the centre, explain the possibilities of using supercomputers on currently implemented projects and introduce you to the prospects of possible cooperation.

The event is organized annually by SVS FEM (supplier of Ansys software for the Czech and Slovak markets) in cooperation with Ansys Inc and CADFEM GmbH. The number of participants and the number of both system and user lectures make it one of the largest industry conferences in the European Union.


The AI Days are coming, this time in Ostrava too!

The second edition of the AI Days event titled Four Weeks, Four Cities & Artificial Intelligence will also take place in Ostrava for the first time, from 23-29 October. This year, the National Competence Centre in HPC (NCC) is taking part as well.

The AI Days were held for the first time in Brno last year, and this year, the event will also take place in Prague, Pilsen, and Ostrava. And it is the Ostrava part that the NCC will participate in – on Tuesday, 24 October, in the conference rooms of the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre. Are you interested in the possibilities of using supercomputers not only in the field of artificial intelligence? What are the currently implemented projects, and how to establish cooperation? Tomáš Karásek, the NCC coordinator in the Czech Republic, will be happy to answer these and other questions on the spot.

The AI Days will offer lectures, workshops, presentations, and an interesting accompanying programme. The event’s focal point is the introduction of artificial intelligence in relation to current events and the development of this technology. The AI Days are intended not only for those interested in industry, public administration, and academia but also for the general public. In other words, for all those interested not only in AI itself but particularly in its use across fields of human activity and in different contexts.


Accept our invitation to this year’s Researcher’s Night

The night when science and scientists show you their true colours. The Researcher’s Night, this year entitled Mystery, will take place on Friday, 6 October. At our booth, we have prepared an interesting programme for both children and adults. For all of you, it will be an opportunity not only to learn about supercomputers but also to take home one of the nice prizes if you are successful.

As usual, you can find us at the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center in Ostrava.

The Researcher’s Night has been held in the Czech Republic since 2005, with universities, research centres, and many other institutions participating. Currently, the event takes place under the national coordination of the University of Ostrava and VSB – Technical University of Ostrava.


A quality portfolio of services and market monitoring are crucial aspects of the National Competence Centres’ cooperation with the industry

This was one of the outcomes of the half-day workshop of the National Competence Centres in HPC (NCC), which was held on 12th June and immediately preceded the 9th annual Austrian-Slovenian HPC Meeting.

What else was discussed at the meeting, including representatives from the Czech Republic? The discussion on key topics such as deepening cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises and creating and effectively presenting a portfolio of services was supported by model presentations of success stories examples. These confirmed, among other things, the need for mutual synergy of individual NCCs as well as the importance of their cooperation within other projects (e.g., European Digital Innovation Hubs) and cooperation with industrial companies.


This time, once again, we were part of the Austrian-Slovenian HPC Meeting

The 9th Austrian-Slovenian HPC Meeting (ASHPC 2023) was held in Maribor, Slovenia, on 13–15 June. The programme also included a presentation titled “NCC Czech Republic, Entrance to the World of HPC” by Tomáš Karásek, the Czech NCC Coordinator.

The three-day event brought several exciting contributions. National institutions and scientific clusters presented their latest work, and news from the world of exascale and cloud computing was also discussed. Subsequently resonating in the discussions, one central topic was quantum computing, its potential, development, and integration into the high-performance computing environment. The conference also featured a poster session.

The ASHPC Meeting traces its roots back to 2015. The original modest event focused exclusively on HPC issues in Austria, with an overlap to the German-speaking countries, has grown over time, and the last three editions are now fully dedicated to current topics in the Central European region and the Balkan countries. For a change, the Jubilee 10th edition will be held in Austria next year.