EuroHPC JU Access Call for AI and Data-Intensive Applications(4)

New Call for Enterprise: Get Compute Time for AI and Big Data Projects

EuroHPC JU has opened a new call for industry, SMEs, start-ups and the public sector to access supercomputing resources for working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Big Data.
The call focuses on supporting ethical AI, generative AI, big language models, machine learning and general big data-intensive applications.

This allows Czech businesses to get 1 year of free computing time on European supercomputers in two rounds:

✅ develop and test their AI applications,
✅ train own big language models LLM,
✅ work on machine learning ML,
✅ and data-intensive applications.


You can register your projects through 2 waves:
until April 15, 2024
until June 14, 2024

Do you want to help with the application process and increase your chances of acceptance?
Do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Startup Festival: Supercomputers as a Means to Accelerate Innovation (not only) for Startups

At the beginning of March, we promoted the National Competence Centre in HPC and our services at the Startup Festival 2024 in Prague. It was an opportunity for us to show startups and early-stage projects that their growth can be accelerated by supercomputers.

At the trade fair booth, we met with startups and discussed, for example, possible uses for supercomputers, current calls for computational resources, and cascade funding opportunities.

We were also thrilled to have convinced some Startup Festival participants that supercomputers are no science-fiction technology. They are just very powerful computers that can be used very well in practice across fields – from agriculture, industry, and healthcare to architecture and software development.

Besides the stand, Tomáš Karásek, Head of the National Competence Centre in HPC, gave a lecture on “Supercomputers as a means to accelerate innovation (not only) for startups.”

Moreover, we had an opportunity to promote the possibilities of high-performance computing for Czech businesses through a mini-interview for the Roklen24 portal.

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