The National Competence Centre in HPC

The National Competence Centre in HPC (NCC) is the reference and the single point of contact and coordination in the Czech Republic for high-performance computing (HPC) and data analysis (HPDA).


The mission is to analyse, implement, and coordinate all necessary activities and offer its services to end users to meet their needs: from access to supercomputers and technology consulting to providing training for industry, public administration, and academia.


To offer a broad portfolio of services tailored to the industry, public administration, and academia in the field of HPC. Fill the gaps in the knowledge of HPC, promote cooperation at the national and international level. Ensure an increase in the level of expertise and its adoption not only in HPC also in related fields.


Our mission is to provide access to the knowledge and support for the use of High Performance Computing (HPC) and associated technologies such as High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for all stakeholders from academia, industry and public institutions.


Training – courses, webinars, and workshops in HPC, HPDA, AI and other relevant areas. Sharing information obtained by mapping providers and consumers of HPC in Czechia. We offer consulting services, design and implementation of pilot HPC solutions, and migrations of existing solutions.

Success Stories

I am very pleased that the employees of the Police of the Czech Republic are actively involved in the search for innovations and solutions to one of the current topics in the internal security of the Czech Republic, which is the effective use of available resources (both human and material). I would like to thank at least in this way for the practical and directly applicable results that the cooperation with the academic community and IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center brings us."
genmjr. Mgr. Martin Vondrášek
Police President

Tool to fight criminality more effectively

The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, The Police of the Czech Republic

Field:  security

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