Tool to fight criminality more effectively

Partner: The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, The Police of the Czech Republic

Field: Security

The National Centre of Competence in HPC, together with experts from the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre, actively participated in the practical part of the Maps of the Future II project, the aim of which was to use crime data to develop and test new procedures and tools for more effective crime fighting and more targeted, efficient, and thus cheaper use of resources (personnel, financial, and material).

The joint expert team dealt with experiments in the field of predicting the exact locations of risk areas in terms of the occurrence of defective behaviour by searching for correlations over large, structured datasets describing not only spatiotemporal aspects of the crime occurrence on the territory of the Czech Republic but also geographical or meteorological specifics of these locations.

Thanks to the joint efforts and the IT4Innovations computing infrastructure, models designed to predict crime and socio-pathogenic phenomena throughout the Czech Republic were successfully developed and tested. The possibility of running memory and computationally demanding tasks in parallel using dedicated graphics cards proved to be crucial, allowing the time of individual experiments to be reduced from days to hours.

The above-mentioned innovative technologies using elements of artificial intelligence and the advantages of machine learning can thus be expanded from a few pilot areas to all regions of our country in the future.

Thanks to the developed prediction models, it has been possible to capture the specifics of given micro-locations using macroscopic data available on a national scale. With the help of these models, it will be possible to automate and optimise the planning of patrol activity of the Police of the Czech Republic. Thus, the planning of the performance of police officers in the field can, in the future, be based on a very detailed and fast analysis of data running in the background.

genmjr. Martin Vondrášek, Police President

“I am very pleased that the employees of the Police of the Czech Republic are actively involved in the search for innovations and solutions to one of the current topics in the internal security of the Czech Republic, which is the effective use of available resources (both human and material). I would like to thank at least in this way for the practical and directly applicable results that the cooperation with the academic community and IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center brings us.”