The secret of supercomputers was unlocked at the Science Fair in Prague!

The most significant science popularisation event in the Czech Republic, the Science Fair, has already passed. This year’s seventh edition, traditionally held at the PVO EXPO Praha exhibition centre in Letňany in Prague (8th – 10th June), broke not only records in the number of visitors. Indeed, we couldn’t miss out on it.

Throughout the event, there was great interest in visiting our booth, Unlock the Secrets of Supercomputers. What is a supercomputer? What does it consist of? What can be calculated on it? What is its main advantage? These are just some of the visitors’ inquisitive questions during the three days. They also took part in a virtual reality experience, in which they moved to our data room, and many had a spin on the wheel of fortune, where knowledge and attention also played an important role. Finally, an easy supercomputer quiz with Harry Potter was a huge success among the children.

So, what was the deal with the records? The first one was broken at the very beginning of the event, with 100 exhibitors registering. Another record was broken when the organisers counted 46,000 visitors, 11,000 more than last year. This year’s Science Fair was indeed worth it!

The Science Fair is the most significant science popularisation and educational event in the Czech Republic, organised by the Czech Academy of Sciences since 2015. This year it was held for the seventh time (two editions were cancelled due to the Covid pandemic)