Quantum Computing Seminar Series

Quantum Computing Seminar Series

With the support of the National Competence Centre for HPC Czech Republic, IT4Innovation’s Quantum Computing Laboratory with the Education and Training Team has prepared a series of five advanced quantum computing seminars.

Lecturers will guide participants through the theoretical foundations of quantum computing and its practical implementation.

Time & Topic Overview:

15 February 2024 I Seminar No. 1: Discrimination of Quantum Operators I HYBRID

11 April 2024 I Seminar No. 2: Quantum Chemistry on NISQ Quantum Computers I HYBRID

13 June 2024 I Seminar No. 3: Solving Optimisation Problems Using The NISQ Era Quantum Computers I HYBRID

26 September 2024 I Seminar No. 4: Coherent control of light-driven electrons in solids:
a milestone for multiqubit computing?

14 November 2024 I Seminar No. 5: Topic to be announced I HYBRID

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