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Seminar: Quantum Chemistry on NISQ Quantum Computers

11 April 2024 | HYBRID

The Education and Training Team has prepared a series of five advanced seminars where expert lecturers from the newly established IT4I Quantum Computing Laboratory will guide participants through the theoretical approaches of quantum computing and the possibilities of their practical implementation.

This second seminar in the Quantum Computing series will focus on the topic “Quantum Chemistry on NISQ Quantum Computers” and will be held hybrid online and in-person in the IT4Innovations training room.

The talk will cover one of the most prominent and promising fields of QC applications – Quantum Chemistry. The possible approaches will be described with their pros and cons, focusing mostly on Variational Quantum Eigensolvers – the class of hybrid quantum-classical chemical solvers, able to run efficiently also on NISQ infrastructures. The latter part of the talk will be devoted to the description of different types of noise present in our computations and ways to deal with them. In every section, there will be a hands-on exercise based on the Qiskit toolkit.

Level: beginner / intermediate
Language: English
Course capacity is limited. Please register as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you.

NCK team.

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