Fundamental Quantum Computing Algorithms and Their Implementation in Qiskit

6–7 March 2024 | ONLINE

Join our course on quantum computing and learn about this rapidly growing field. In this course, you will gain basic but essential knowledge that will prepare you for the future of quantum computing. Keep up with the latest technologies available and join us on the quantum wave!

Quantum computers are based on a completely different principle than conventional computers and even supercomputers. This course aims to explain this difference and show how the basic algorithms of quantum computers work in practice. It focuses on the theoretical foundations, mathematical description and practical testing of the resulting quantum circuits on real quantum computers and their simulators in the Qiskit environment.

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Language: English

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of linear algebra, complex numbers, Python programming basics, Qiskit account, and (last but not least) a great imagination, because in the quantum world, many things are very different.

We look forward to seeing you.

IT4Innovation training team

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