Kurz: Variational Quantum Algorithms, 28 května 2024

Course: Variational Quantum Algorithms

28 May 2024 | ONLINE

You are invited to take a course “Variational Quantum Algorithms”, which has been created in collaboration with the Quantum Computing Laboratory of IT4Innovations.

You will have the opportunity to get the theoretical basics of variational quantum algorithms (VQA), which can be successfully used despite the quantum noise of current processors. VQA currently appears to be the best hope for achieving a quantum advantage.

This course aims to introduce the theoretical basis on which these VQAs are built and to familiarise the participants with the basic types of VQAs. Concrete examples will also be an important part of the course to help you understand the principles of these algorithms. The whole process of solving a problem will be shown, from its formulation to the graphical presentation of the solution found. Practical demonstrations and testing will take place in the Qiskit environment.

Level: beginner / intermediate

Language: English

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